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I have a confession to make... I didn’t write my intro this month, I decided to leave it up to AI. I don’t think it did a bad job, it’s all very interesting. However, I am hopefully not out of a job because it does lack some personality. Have a read and decide for yourself...

As the winter weather fades away and the first signs of spring emerge, April is a month of new beginnings and fresh starts in Holmes Chapel. With the arrival of longer days and milder temperatures, people are filled with a renewed sense of energy and excitement for the season ahead.

For many, April marks the start of the outdoor events season. From Easter fairs and garden shows to sporting events and music festivals, there are countless opportunities to enjoy the great outdoors and get involved in local community activities. April is also the month when the UK celebrates National Gardening Week, encouraging people to get their hands dirty and embrace the joys of gardening.

For businesses, April is a key time to promote products and services to consumers who are in the mood to spend and engage with the community. One effective way to reach potential customers is through print advertising in The Go Local. Our magazines allow businesses to target specific geographic areas and demographics, and it has been proven to be a powerful way to build brand awareness, drive sales, and create a sense of trust and credibility among consumers.

Research has shown that print advertising can have a significant impact on consumer behaviour, with studies indicating that people are more likely to remember information presented in print ads compared to digital ads. Print advertising also provides a tangible and lasting connection with consumers, as The Villages Mag is often kept and referred to multiple times.

In summary, April is a month of new beginnings and community engagement, making it an ideal time for businesses to reach out to consumers through print advertising in your Villages Mag.

Choose a targeted or large circulation

From 5,000 to 33,500 magazines, each edition.

Magazines have a higher retention

Our magazines bring you trusted local businesses, community news, features, reviews, competitions, and much more. 

Build your brand reputation locally

Printed media helps cut through social media and builds trust.

We’re your local marketing experts

We understand our communities, so you can get the best out of your adverts.

Each magazine also published online

With links to your website, also available.

Businesses like what we do

We have business who have advertised in our magazines for over ten years, they see a return on investment.

We support the community

We give 50% discounts to Charities and Community groups on advertising, plus free editorials on local interest stories and people.

Affordable rates for all budgets

Cost effective advertising for you to keep your name out there.

Each magazine is delivered FREE by a reliable local delivery company

We work with The Leaflet Team from Congleton who know the areas well and are accountable for getting the magazines on to the doormats.

Our network of local magazines can help you reach new audiences and market your business more effectively.

The Villages Mag is part of a wider network of local publications, each one has its own identity, like the towns, villages and communities they serve. Our current network includes; Go Local Middlewich, 7,000 copies each edition delivered to Middlewich. Beartown Voice, 12,000 copies each edition delivered in Congleton. Go Local Sandbach, 9,500 copies each edition delivered in Sandbach.

Delivered 11 time per year, our network of magazines can reach 33,500 home each and every edition. Our deliveries are completed by a local delivery team, based in Congleton, they have extensive knowledge of they areas and as new housing developments are finished they will work with us to grow our reach. 

Be part of something bigger.

The story behind the businesses and people in our communities...

The local businesses, community groups and people of our town all have stories to tell. These stories can be insightful and even inspirational and we love to share them.

In each edition you'll find these interviews. And now for the first time ever you can hear them too... with our Podcast.

Look out for the QR code in the magazine or visit this page to hear them...

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