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2019 Fitness Goals

The end of January, can you believe it?! Already four weeks into 2019. Now we know that you will have set some New Year’s resolutions and now is the perfect time to review your first month’s progress.

Four weeks is the perfect time scale to have allowed your body to adapt to changes and to begin seeing an improvement in your body shape, health and fitness. Seeing these initial changes is the best possible motivation to continue striving forwards.

This is the best-case scenario. It’s not, however, always the case. The above is what we hope to have happened in that four week time frame. But if we find ourselves disappointed, this is the crucial time to re-evaluate!

When you set your goals at the beginning of January, you were likely excited and full of the joys of New Year, feeling ultra-positive. Being realistic with your goals, however, is key and if you haven’t achieved what you set out to, possibly the goals we’re unrealistic? When you review your progress remember this. You aren’t going to have achieved your dream body in four weeks, but you should feel like you are on the right track and see some physical and mental changes.

Let’s get it right this time, once and for all. It’s much like starting a business . . .

  • You must first write a plan, set some goals and decide how you’re going to track your success

  • You’ll consider what your barriers to success might be and how to navigate around these.

  • You’ll likely have somebody more experienced than you take a look at your plan to ensure it’s realistic and achievable.

  • As you’re going along, you’ll continue to be reviewing and tweaking.

Good luck from all of us here at JWC.

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