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Avoiding a drawn out separation and divorce...

Although summer is almost here, unfortunately, for some couples, this time of year has made them look at their relationship, and decide that the only option for them is to separate and divorce.

The family law team at Evolve Family Law appreciate that for many separating couples the next steps after having taken the momentous decision to separate can seem rather daunting, and at a time when emotions are running high.

If you want to avoid a stressful and expensive drawn out divorce consider the following tips and advice:

  • Take some professional legal advice. A professional will let you know where you stand legally so you know what decisions will need to made and how you will need to start to plan for the future. Getting the right legal advice will not solve all your relationship breakdown worries, but it will help allay your concerns and help you focus on the important decisions that you need to take in the interests of your family and financial situation.

  • Do not be afraid to ask questions of your solicitor, accountant or financial advisor. Professional advisors are there to answer your questions, including your questions about how much any divorce, children or financial proceedings will cost and how long they will take. This is important so you can make informed choices.

  • Give yourself time to reflect on legal advice before making any long-term decisions about childcare arrangements for your children, whether to stay at or sell the family home, how you will sort out any family business interests or share pensions. It is important that you do not feel rushed into making parenting and financial decisions that could affect the future of your family.

  • Try to give your ex-partner space. Your ex-partner may appear to you to be less or more emotional about the relationship breakdown than you. However, they too may be finding the decision to divorce hard to cope with. It can be a fine line between giving your partner a bit of space and letting things drift but try to strike the right balance for both of you.

  • Try not to be influenced by other people’s experiences of their own divorces. Every divorce and financial settlement is different. Listening to friends can be a great comfort but remember to make your own decisions on what is right for you and your family.

  • Divorce can have a massive impact on everyone in the family, from children, grandparents and even pets. Everyone worries about how change will affect him or her. Children and family will need reassurances but do not forget to make time for yourself and get the professional and emotional support you need.

Louise Halford - Evolve Family Law

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