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Business Culture & Values

Updated: Aug 17, 2018

Businesses are nothing without the hard work, commitment and dedication from the people who work within them.

Using values and creating a culture within which a business thrives helps to create sentiment, colleague engagement and loyalty. In turn this helps with the productivity and efficiency for that business. Creating a culture takes time, effort and a lot of perseverance. It is similar to a well landscaped garden, it needs regular maintenance, care and careful planning.

There are 3 main areas for cultivating culture.


Find people who complement your team. Much like that well landscaped garden, some plants grow well in shaded areas, others blossom in the sun. Finding the right blend of people is the business equivalent. some personalities get on well with others, some people need more attention than others. Some like to grow, others are happy to coast.

When hiring, look beyond the CV of the person and find their values – do these match yours and your businesses values. Will they complement or complicate the team?


Back to that garden, it will look great for a short period of time, but without the right nurture and care it will soon wilt. This is where your values come in, your non-negotiables.

Core values are what your business stands for, when you reduce it down in to its purest form, what is it that makes the difference, what makes your business stand out from the crowd. These are the seeds of your culture.


Watch out for weeds, and remove them. If it doesn’t fit with your core values and culture it needs to be removed. One small weed can destroy a garden if it’s not dealt with quickly and effectively.

So What? For anyone looking for a job or new career consider that business. Do their values and culture match your own? Do you think you would complement or complicate their team? Fundamentally, do you think you would be valued, your work would have worth and most importantly enjoyment?

Martin Barnes - The George & Dragon

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