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Choosing a Family Law Solicitor

Getting divorced, taking part in children or financial court proceedings is stressful. However, stress can be reduced if you choose a family law solicitor you are comfortable working with.

A family law solicitor may be a great lawyer, quote case law, and legal jargon at you but if you don’t feel that you are able to talk to them, or feel they aren’t listening, then they may not be the right family law solicitor for you.

When it comes to divorce and financial settlements every case is different, so an off the peg divorce, and financial settlement, may not meet the needs of your family.

When you chose a family law solicitor, it is important to ask questions.

Who is your family law solicitor?

That isn’t as stupid a question as it sounds. In some law firms, you may see a partner at your first meeting but not speak to them again until your first court hearing as they’ve delegated all the groundwork to a paralegal.

Is the solicitor a specialist?

You may think that your family law situation is straightforward so you don’t need a specialist solicitor. However, an experienced family law solicitor may be more efficient in resolving your legal problem or come up with potential solutions that you haven’t thought of.

Has the family law solicitor provided the cheapest quote?

A solicitor who quotes the cheapest price for the job or the lowest hourly rate won’t necessarily end up as the cheapest option. If you chose a solicitor with experience they may quote a higher hourly rate than the cheapest quote, but the experienced solicitor should focus on the key issues and help you reach an agreement, rather than end up in expensive court proceedings.

How will the family law solicitor resolve your case?

If the solicitor talks of court proceedings as the only option then their ‘’can do’’ attitude may be appealing. However, court proceedings should be the last resort as they are expensive and no solicitor can guarantee an outcome. A solicitor, who takes a measured approach and focuses on the keys issues to reach a negotiated settlement, may get the same result for you, but without the expense of court proceedings.

Do you like the family law solicitor?

Liking your family law solicitor isn’t essential but it helps. After all, you will be working with them so you need to be able to talk to them about your personal and financial affairs and have confidence in their advice.

Remember though, however much you like your solicitor you’re the one in charge. The solicitor may offer advice and guidance on your legal options but the choice is yours.

Louise Halford - Evolve Family Law

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