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Christmas Drinks...

Christmas is here again in our wonderful beery corner of Cheshire, & of course it’s that time when we splash out and indulge in our favourite things.... a fabulous crisp Prosecco, a cheeky fruity gin, or an indulgent barrel aged imperial stout... It’s also time to plan your drinks additions to your Christmas Day feast!

For those of you having a terrine, pâté, or any other rich, meaty dish, then any beer rich, malty, with a sweetness and medium carbonation works very well with the rich creaminess of a good pâté. If you're going for a smoked salmon/prawn, then why not go for a torrontes. This Argentinian grape variety makes such a versatile wine, its crisp, perfumed fruity taste going so well with fish dishes. Alternatively, crisp lagers like Rothaus Pils or Tegernsee Helles will refresh your palate in time for....

...the traditional Christmas Turkey! There are 2 schools of thought here, match the beer to the meat, or match it to the gravy. If you do a rich, wine or port-based gravy, then local brewery Merlin's Dark Magic is a rich dark mild that uses hops and fruitiness to cut through the gravy and lift the turkey up a notch. If you want to pair it with the meat, then a citrussy pale ale, such as  or The Kernel's Table Beer or Track’s Sonoma would work very well.

These 2 beers will also go together nicely with a vegetarian dish, or, if you're thinking about a mushroom-heavy dish, why not try a rich porter or stout. Wild Beer's Millionaire, La Pirata Deep Inside and Five Points Railway Porter are all wonderful examples that will sit brilliantly on the table. Wine-wise, a medium-bodied red such as Pinot Noir, a robust white such as a burgundy or Gewurtztraminer (my fave!) would bring out all the rich flavours rather well!

Christmas pudding: Here's where we can really indulge ourselves and throw caution to the wind. Treat yourself to a large bottle of Cloudwater’s barrel-aged stout. It’s a coffee, chocolate oaky, bourbon-y taste sensation. The combination of flavours work to enhance your brandy-laden Christmas pudding, & the 750ml bottle is perfect for sharing. If, in the unlikely event there’s any left, stick a dollop of luxury ice cream in for a whole new level of decadence!!

I’d like to finish by saying it’s been a brilliant year for us... lots of new faces stopping by to see what we’re all about.... tasting evenings that have not just introduced us to new flavours from all corners of the world, but shown us what we’re capable of much closer to home... our very own singalong Wednesday’s have gone from strength to strength & it’s been wonderful to see so many people kindle new friendships & create such a strong sense of community...so all that remains from us now is to wish each & every one of you a wonderful Christmas, & a healthy and prosperous 2019 from all of us here at The Beer Emporium, & The Bottle Bank.


Rich - The Beer Emporium

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