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Could you be a better driver?

When did you take your driving test? Have you had any refresher or update training since that test? Do you possess a copy of the Highway Code, if so when did you last refer to it? I reckon that for most people the answers to the above are, no refresher training and no Highway Code possessed.

Most people think that they are a good, safe driver and, of course, many of us are.

What makes a good driver? According to the Police Driver’s Handbook, Roadcraft, the qualities of a safe and competent driver are:

  • Critical and honest self-awareness and understanding of your personal characteristics, attitudes and behaviour which are necessary for safe driving.

  • Taking action to keep identified risks to a minimum.

  • Awareness of your own limitations and those of the vehicle and the road.

  • Awareness of the risks inherent in particular road and traffic situations.

  • Concentration and good observation.

  • Continuously matching the vehicles direction and speed to the changing conditions.

  • Skilful use of vehicle controls.

If you apply all seven of the above qualities to your driving or riding every time you get behind the wheel or handlebars, you may well be a good driver.

The question for most of us is, how do we become a better driver? You could start with a driving assessment by a qualified observer. Sometimes these are free or there may be a charge. Driving assessments are carried out, locally, by IAM Roadsmart.

Your local branch is Congleton and Macclesfield Advanced Motorists and they can be found at: congletoniam.org.uk.

Wishing you happy and safe motoring in 2018 and beyond.

Holmes Chapel Motoring Expert

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