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Divorce during Covid-19

Separating during the Covid-19 outbreak. It is inevitable that if you are contemplating a separation or divorce you will question whether your options are effected by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Evolve Family Law have been advising those separating during the lockdown with appointments available via video, Skype or telephone. It hasn’t been an easy time for any family, let alone those living together but knowing that they want to separate or divorce.

We’ve had enquiries about whether or not it is possible to get divorced at the moment. The answer is yes it is. The family court has remained open throughout the coronavirus crisis receiving paperwork by email and progressing different types of family law proceedings such as divorce, child custody, financial settlement claims and injunctions where there are allegations of domestic violence.

During the lockdown many digitally savvy family lawyers were able to continue to work remotely , taking instructions to commence divorce proceedings and resolving child arrangement and contact problems as well as sorting out financial issues such as questions about varying levels of spousal maintenance or child support or negotiating financial settlements.

The frustrating thing for many separating couples was their inability to physically separate and get on with their plans to rent or buy a property. The easing of the lockdown and the re-opening of estate agents for house purchases and rentals will be a very welcome relief for those contemplating a separation or divorce. Likewise for those couples who have or are in the process of negotiating a financial settlement the key to getting things moving for them was often the ability to get their house sold.

Some husband and wives are understandably nervous about taking the decision to separate now or to start divorce proceedings. As divorce solicitors we know just how hard it can be to make the decision to end a relationship, let alone to do so during the Covid-19 outbreak.

If you are thinking about a separation or divorce it is best to take some legal advice. With the easing of lockdown, the temptation may be to leave the family home as soon as you can. That decision isn’t always in your best interests so it is preferable to speak to a divorce solicitor before moving out, however much of a rush you are in after what has felt, for all of us to some degree, living in limbo in lockdown.

Evolve Family Law

For advice about any aspect of family and divorce law advice call Louise Halford at Evolve Family Law on 01477 464020 or email Louise at louise@evolvefamiliylaw.co.uk to arrange a video conference, Skype, face time or telephone appointment.

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