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“You wouldn’t get your hair cut by your accountant, so why would you take weight loss advice or purchase supplements from your hairdresser?!“

Our blogs usually follow a very positive and encouraging flow, so please forgive my somewhat ‘ranty’ approach today. You see, I’ve dedicated my life to the fitness industry and have a genuine love for what I do and the people I work with, however, there’s always been a small section of the industry that really grinds my gears.

The Quick Buck Brigade’

Diet pills, detoxes, extreme diet plans, juice diets… We’ve all seen these types of products and plans, usually sold via social media by a friend that until now, you’d no idea had an interest in health, fitness and nutrition – let alone any qualifications. Well, the truth is that in many cases, they don’t. These people are all to often not qualified nutritionists or personal trainers but are in fact simply part of a commission driven sales team who don’t really have your best interests at heart, they simply want to make a quick buck.

Jack, JWC Health & Fitness

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