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Garden for Nell

Updated: Nov 16, 2017

22 victims tragically lost their lives in the Manchester Arena attack in May this year, one of the victims was Nell Jones, 14, who attended Holmes Chapel Comprehensive School. In the weeks which followed the attack, a temporary memorial site was put in place at the school where hundreds of students and teachers from the school as well as the local community placed flowers as a sign of respect and remembrance.

In the search for a more permanent tribute to Nell and the other victims, the school decided to create a memorial garden to provide a place where memories of Nell can be reminisced upon. The garden will be open to the whole community and can be used for anyone who has suffered a loss. A friend of Nell wishes for ‘people to go there, not just to remember Nell, but someone they have personally lost’.

The structure of the garden is split up into three sections, all with different purposes. The first section is the ‘Contemplation Garden’ which can be used as a quiet place for reflection. It will include benches and multiple types of flowers which provide a relaxing environment.

The second section of the garden is the ‘Japanese Garden’ which will feature personalised messages from those who wish to make a lasting tribute for Nell. The third section is the ‘Sensory Garden’ which is designed to stimulate senses and evolve memories. It will also support the school’s SEN students and the village’s dementia friendly campaign.

Any young people in Holmes Chapel and the surrounding areas who have been affected by any bereavements or other difficult issues in their life can contact local organisation, Visyon. They offer support services including one to one counselling, support groups, mentoring and many more helpful activities to help younger people in the community express themselves in relation to any issues they may be facing. Visyon also offer support to parents and families of children who are having to deal with difficult circumstances through the use of parent support groups.

Anyone wishing to contact

Visyon can do by calling:

01260 290000

or visit their website at:


Written and researched by Matt Willis & Sarah Hartas, Holmes Chapel 6th Form

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