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When we think about sustainability in business, we often consider planning, finance, sales, customers and how to remain viable long-term. But what does sustainability mean, and should we be thinking about the wider picture?

Many would say that businesses have a responsibility to be environmentally and socially aware, acknowledging and addressing any business activities that may have a negative impact on their local and global communities.

There is no doubt that reducing our carbon footprint, using less plastics, actively recycling and saving our planet for future generations is a no brainer. Research has suggested that 75% of consumers prefer to buy from ethical companies. 5% are dark green, whereby they will only spend with companies who share their same values and provide ethical products and experiences.

However, sustainability isn’t just about saving our planet, it’s about supporting your local economy, protecting and enhancing your local environment, investing in people and celebrating what is special about your community.

This can be achieved in many ways:

  • Nurturing and supporting employees with flexible working patterns, health & welfare support, training and fair wages.

  • Investing in your community, financially, or with your skills or facilities.

  • Supporting local initiatives, local history & events that enhance your community and the people in it.

  • Looking after your patch, being an Ambassador for your area and encouraging your community to shop, do business and support events that keep your area attractive to residents and visitors.

  • Shopping locally, using local suppliers and ensuring that your suppliers share the same values that you do.

  • Sharing your local business & community news and events with your customers.

  • Promoting, marketing & supporting your community’s assets.

So, you might ask yourself why should I bother, what’s in it for me? Surely a business community that shares the same values, supports each other and partners with local community initiatives can help sustain a thriving local economy and a desirable place to live and work?

Marie Bennett - The Print Room

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