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Learner drivers can now drive on motorways

From 4th June 2018 learner drivers can legally drive on motorways, but they can only do so when accompanied by an Approved Driving Instructor and the vehicle is fitted with dual controls.

Lessons on the motorway are not compulsory and are purely voluntary on the part of the learner. The Approved Instructor decides if a pupil is at the correct standard to cope with motorway conditions.

Until now learners have not been allowed on the motorways until they have passed their test, then they could drive on them straight away or take optional lessons with their instructor. Can you imagine joining the M6 for the first time, in all its busy glory, with no experience or instruction, crazy.

Approved motorway training will focus on forward planning and observation, safe lane discipline and changing, reacting to road signs and understanding overhead gantry signs and marker posts. Smart motorways and breakdown procedures will also be be included in the lessons.

There may be many so called ‘experienced drivers’ out there who could benefit from instruction in those areas.

These new driver training actions are welcomed and fully supported by IAM Roadsmart.

Even though this instruction is now available to learner driver’s, motorway driving is not included in the Driving Test. If it were included it would have to be a compulsory part of the training for all learners and this would be deemed unfair to those learners living in parts of the country with no access to motorways, nevertheless it must be a major step forward for those it is applicable too.

This action by the Department of Transport is fully supported by IAM Roadsmart.

If you welcome the opportunity to become a better driver go to www.iamroadsmart.com and see what is available to you.

Congleton & Macclesfield Advanced Motorists

IAM RoadSmart

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