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Little known motoring laws, have you broken them?

As motorists there are many laws with which we must comply. Most of them are obvious such as breaking speed limits, using a mobile phone behind the wheel, driving under the influence of drink or drugs etc.. The list goes on.

There are some laws or regulations however, that most of us will not have given any thought too.

Failing to renew your driving licence

Are you aware that you must renew your photo licence every ten years? If you fail to do so your licence will become invalid and you can be fined up to £1000.

Flashing your headlights at other motorists

We have all probably flashed our headlights to other motorists trying to get out of a side road or to say thank you to another driver for a courtesy. It is possible for the reason for the flash to be misconstrued and cause action to be taken by another motorist leading to an unintended consequence such as an accident. This has happened and has led to fines and points being levied.

If you want to let a car out of a side road the best action is to leave them space to make their own mind up and take the appropriate action. Any liability is then theirs alone.

The Highway Code gives advice on this topic at rules 110 and 111, I advise the reader to look this up.

Using your mobile phone at a drive through restaurant

These establishments are legally considered as highways and therefore you must maintain control over your vehicle in the same way as driving on a motorway or other highway.

It is possible that even when using your phone to make a contactless payment you will be breaking the law.

Letting your pet out of the car when broken down

At a breakdown on the motorway the advice is to get yourself and your passengers out of the vehicle through the nearside doors and get safely behind the barriers away from the carriageway. If you have a pet such as a dog or cat onboard you should leave them in the vehicle as, even when on a lead, they can break away and cause a chaotic situation.

Authorities are quite strict on this with fines of up to £1000 for offenders.

Driving too slowly

Crashes have been caused directly by people driving too slowly. This is especially hazardous on the motorway but can apply on other types of road. The car travelling at 35mph in a 70 limit can cause a major hazard on today’s roads. Penalties vary from a verbal warning to a fine and penalty points.

Please drive safely and legally. IAMRoadsmart, Congleton and Macclesfield.

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