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Many local parents and carers will have been so grateful for Just Kidding Play Centre since it opened its doors in 2018, a safe and fun distraction for children who are full of beans and need to burn off that energy while allowing the adults to relax with a cup of coffee and have a gossip. The owners’ Brad and Henry were working hard to grow the business with parties, daily groups and even a build a bear, and like many local firms’ things had been going well… until Covid hit.

They spent last year following the rules and riding the ever-changing wave of lockdowns, reopens, restrictions and new processes in the hope they will make it through 2020 and its financially demanding times. Brad and Henry understood the seriousness of the pandemic and in the times they could open they completed regular full cleans, reduced the participants, made sure tiny and big hands were being washed and all social distancing was taking place – even in the ball pool for toddlers.

The short bursts of time they could trade, and the government support have been some degree of financial relief, however, they knew they needed to do something more to make it through the pandemic and a solution had been within the business all along… and this is how Fresh Sandwich Shop was born.

Just Kidding has always provided a service for lunches, breakfasts, sandwiches and hot drinks within the play centre itself and all they needed to do to make this service more accessible to more people was by adding a door directly to the outside and having a move around inside to make room for a counter and preparation area. After they successfully achieved all the relevant permissions and completed the renovation Fresh Sandwich shop opened its doors at the end of 2020.

Like many businesses 2020 has been a reminder to the Just Kidding owners to be prepared for anything, to keep moving forward and diversify if necessary. Brad and Henry can’t wait to get all their staff back working in the play centre and providing Holmes Chapel families with a welcome break and some fun, we all hope that will be soon. The sandwich shop will be a permanent fixture from now on and we wish them luck with this new part to their business.

If you wanted to give Fresh Sandwich a try it’s located behind Morreys on the Holmes Chapel, Business Park, Manor Lane. You can park directly outside and they are taking phone orders on 07834 025973.

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