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Lockdown Stories... Rebecca Hatton

As a young girl growing up in Holmes Chapel, surrounded by nature and all its beauty, it is not surprising that my grandad (and nan) loved taking me to Shakeley mere. Here is where I started being deeply intrigued by art, having my grandad draw the swans and teach me how to compose drawings alike.

GCSE Art at Holmes Chapel Comprehensive School was where I realised art was a real passion for me and something I never wanted to miss. I went on to study Art and Design for A level at Sir John Deane’s college which challenged me to try new things, experimenting with any existing boundaries. I recently completed a BA Hons Fine Art degree at Lancaster University. Despite this artistic education I still ensure to remember where my love for art stemmed from and continue to put it at the forefront of my inspiration.

During my time at university I volunteered at two charities, running my own art workshops alongside a friend of mine and completing two a week. This brought to light the way art acts as a therapeutic mean, teaching individuals to remain non-bias and totally unique, in both making and viewing artworks. Art can tell you a lot about an individual just from understanding one’s interpretation of such, these ideas are where my compositions develop from.

I work most commonly with acrylic paint; however, I occasionally use pencil, charcoal, or ink. My personal practice is concerned with issues surrounding chance and control. I am currently working on paintings that push boundaries of and abandon the artist’s control through pouring paint, paint mediums and silicone oil.

Inspired by Automatism (bodily movements that are not consciously controlled like breathing or sleepwalking), my fascination resides in the balance between the artists intention and the subconscious mind.

I work with a large variety of different subject images and am currently taking on commissions. I am an artist, truly willing to give anything a try, however, my recent work has been focused on creating abstract pieces, pet/ family portraits or reinventing different images to make something totally unique and sentimental.

I hope to develop a career in art, running more art workshops and creating works that stand to mean so much to the client/ receiver.

To contact Rebecca and view her work visit:

Instagram: rebeccahattonart

Facebook: Rebecca Hatton Art


Recent Degree show Website: dev.ralphmackenzie.com/lica/rebecca-hatton

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