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Make Time for Fitness

There are a few things that we ALL possess. One is the desire to better ourselves. This applies to all areas of life; work, relationships, health, fitness, and physical appearance being just a few examples. It’s something that is deep routed into all of us. The problem is that we all possess two other things; barriers and excuses.

Many may see these as two of the same - but there’s a clear difference. A barrier is something that is real and tangible. Something that may physically stop you achieving a goal, or which may require an action to overcome. An excuse, on the other hand, is a story that we tell ourselves when we don’t want something enough to go through the difficulty of getting it – Read that line back again!

When setting goals, it’s important to plan for barriers. Usually, with some planning and preparation we can get around these. A good example of a barrier is a recurring injury. This may physically stop you or may mean that you need to re-evaluate your goals or adapt your methods and time-scales, but with the right care and adaptations it rarely needs to stop us altogether.

It is also important to pre-empt excuses. These are fairly easy to recognise, as we tend to tell ourselves the same story over and over again through our lives. ‘Not having time’ is one of the most common things that I hear, but is this an excuse or a barrier? Although people usually view it as a barrier, and it can be in a small number of cases, in the most part, it’s an excuse. Here’s how you know;

  • Do you ever watch TV series? Would it be possible to wake up an hour earlier if you were motivated enough? Do you sit around on your lunch break when you could be putting that time into bettering yourself?

Often, when we start to ask ourselves these questions, we realise that the problem isn’t a lack of time. It’s a lack of priorities and direction.

You only live once and your success is a direct reflection of your efforts and attitudes. Make this one life great.

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Jack - JWC Health & Fitness

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