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Take control of your own health and wellness

You’ll be aware of the pressure that the NHS is currently under . . . waiting times are at an all-time high, there’s a shortage of beds, and because of the massive stress the medical staff work under, the likelihood of mistakes occurring is magnified.

It would be easy to find yourself getting frustrated with the NHS in times of need, with the staff, and with the government . . . but have you considered that your frustration is being directed at the right people? Perhaps a more relevant question is “are you doing YOUR BIT to look after YOUR OWN HEALTH?”

When one thinks about ill-health, some of the most common conditions/diseases that come to most peoples minds, I would imagine, are:

  • Heart disease

  • Diabetes

  • Stroke

  • Cancer

  • Lung disease

  • Arthritis

  • Hypertension

  • Mental health

The NHS spends a huge amount of their time and resources dealing with these conditions, but most of them can certainly help to be prevented, conditions improved and even in some cases reversed. It is thought that more than 80% of the worlds adolescent population is insufficiently physically active. So where does that leave our next generation?

We seemingly have an increasing culture of a dependance on medicines, surgery and other medical interventions to solve health issues. Don’t let it get to that! Think PREHAB rather than REHAB...

So what can you do to begin taking control of your health today?

  • Be mindful of what food you’re putting in to your body as fuel

  • Reduce alcohol consumption and quit/cut down on cigarettes

  • Move more – whether this be joining a gym, getting involved in a sport or simply trying to increase your steps

  • Reduce/manage stress and improve the quality of your sleep

  • Do something at least once per week that’s just for you, just to make you happy!

Jack, JWC Health and Fitness,

Holmes Chapel

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