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Try Something New... Learn Spanish

Over the last few editions of The Villages Mag we have featured articles on meditation and drumming, they may not be you first thought on what to do during these times at home, but hopefully they have given you some ideas about trying something new. We continue this series in this edition with the question, have you ever thought about learning a new language? If you have, then we have a local Spanish teacher ready to teach you.

Maria Aguilar Sanchez was born and raised in San Luis Potosí. Located in the heart of Mexico, San Luis is a large city with roughly one million inhabitants and is the capital of the namesake state in which is resides. If you were to visit San Luis, expect to find amazing food, a downtown full of colour, tranquil plazas, beautiful Baroque and colonial style buildings and, being a semi-desert, an abundance of cacti, mountains and most importantly, sun.

Aside from her native language of Spanish, Maria also began to learn English at 6 years old, developing a love for languages at a very early age. As a result, she has had the luxury of calling herself bilingual in two of the most globally spoken languages. Realising the endless opportunities this provided, Maria decided to travel and move to London 3 years ago. Whilst living in London, Maria used this skillset for good, by teaching and tutoring people of all ages, however, she mainly acted as a nanny for families whose parents wanted to raise their children bilingual.

Whilst living in London, Maria met her boyfriend and, due to the difficult circumstances resulting from the recent pandemic, they moved to live in his family home in Goostrey. Although very different to London and extremely different to San Luis, Maria loves Cheshire life. One thing Maria particularly loves (aside from the quaint little villages and cheese and onion pasties) is the countryside. The luscious green fields, abundance of woodlands and the noticeable changing of seasons, Maria loves being outdoors and making the most of the beautiful scenery the surrounding countryside has to offer.

Although the pandemic seems to be putting things on hold at the minute, Maria is extremely passionate about helping people use this time to learn Spanish. The one thing these lockdowns are providing is time and many people have decided to turn this negative into a positive and fulfil life goals, such as learning a new hobby or learning a new language.

Whether you are a complete beginner, studying for an exam or near fluent and fancy brushing up to prepare for the next holiday to Mallorca once all this is over, Maria is extremely friendly, experienced and willing to help you achieve your language goals.

Find out more about learning Spanish from Maria by email, maria96aguilars@gmail.com

or via WhatsApp: 07889235818

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