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Weeds, weeds and more weeds.

The longer, warmer days encourage growth for the plants, shrubs and trees that we all love, but also the plants we are not so keen on. A weed is a plant in the “wrong place”. Some are fast growing, some spread huge amounts of seeds into the air and other will sting you. The common question often asked is “which are weeds?” For this article let’s say it’s the little plants and sprouts that pop up between your shrubs in the loose soil. If you hoe your borders regularly you will notice little plants that you have not purposely planted, some can be quite pretty, so if you don’t want it, pull it out.

Pruning of spring flowering shrubs should be completed at this time. Hanging baskets can be planted and hung - remember to water them early in the morning or at dusk so not to scorch the leaves.

Spring has bought new life and vigour back to our gardens. New life to birds, bees, insects and many forms of life. For our family it has brought a puppy. A cocker spaniel. Whilst a clever breed they are known to be high energy, chewing plants and running throughout the garden finding holes between the shrubs creating fun runs and hiding from our children.

I feel this year’s pruning is going to be a lot of half chewed branches, but I am just pleased that we can all be outside together to enjoy the warm spell of weather we are having.

Not everyone has green fingers, but everyone can get their boots or paws muddy.

Hope you enjoy your outside space this summer.

Alan Bethell

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