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I may be somewhat premature here, but summer is coming, right? I mean, OK, we may not quite be ready to discard the winter coats just yet, but we certainly should be beginning to make plans. I bet you’ve booked your summer holiday already?! So why wouldn’t you have begun thinking about your summer body? Why do we always leave this so last minute when we know it can have such an impact on our self-confidence once summer comes and we start to strip away the layers.

When we really think about it, we put it off because it’s probably the most difficult part of going on holiday. But the irony is, by delaying the start you’re making it harder work for yourself!

Every year follows the same pattern; In June we get inundated with people wanting to start exercising in order to feel ‘beach ready’ for their holiday in July. This unachievable timeframe leads to dissatisfaction in results, feelings of failure and a negative relationship with diet and exercise.

This year I’d like you to make a commitment to yourself…

Get a season ahead of your goals and give yourself the best possible chance of success. Let’s plan what you’re working towards and how long that should take to get there. Let’s start to plan for hurdles so we know how to navigate around them, most importantly, let’s plan for the feelings of success!!

We’ve written lot’s of articles on goal setting, because quite frankly, I’d say it’s the most important step in your fitness journey, but this year we’re going the extra mile and holding a seminar dedicated to motivation and mindset around exercise, in order to help you to spring in to action. This seminar will make the difference between whether you tick over in the gym for a few weeks before summer, or whether you enter summer feeling at your absolute best!


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